Today more than ever, we need to produce more Black and other underrepresented minority doctors. Pre-Med Solutions has become the preeminent organization that students of color turn to when they are seeking advice and mentorship navigating their pre-med journey.
To help our students be successful and achieve their goals, Pre-Med Solutions will be divided into two different pathways… Pre-Med Solutions University and Pre-Med Solutions Prep.

Students must apply to be accepted into one of the pathways.

How is Pre-Med Solutions different from other services that offer training & support for medical students?

PRE-MED Solutions University

The intensive guidance program for future M.D.

Pre-Med Solutions University is designed for those students who need help navigating the application process and whose grades and MCAT scores would meet minimum requirements at some medical schools.

Pre-Med Solutions University is our personalized mentoring, advising, and training service for prospective medical students who are serious about succeeding in the medical field. This low-cost program provides strategies, advice, education and assistance with:

Pre-Med Solutions University offers the most comprehensive support service for the aspiring medical school students looking to cut down the questions and stress surrounding the process.

As a student enrolled in Pre-Med Solutions University, you will receive:

* There is a $400 tuition for Pre-Med University
(Need-based scholarships available)

To apply to Pre-Med Solutions University, you must :

*Students that already have an undergraduate degree and a science GPA of 2.9, and a MCAT score of 494 can also apply to Pre-Med Solutions University.

How do I get started?

Take 15 minutes to fill out our application form thoroughly so we can make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

If you are accepted, a representative will contact you with the next steps in starting your personalized program!

PRE-MED Solutions Prep

PRE-MED Solutions University

PRE-MED Solutions Prep

Our student support resource

Pre-med Solutions Prep is for those students that are not yet eligible to apply to medical school or whose grades and MCAT scores would not meet minimum requirements at most medical schools.

Pre-Med Solutions Prep is an introductory mentoring and advising service that provides strategies, advice, education and assistance with:

As a student in Pre-Med Solutions Prep, you will receive:

*There is a $100.00 tuition for the Pre-Med Solutions Prep program

Who should apply to Pre-Med Solutions Prep?

  *Important notice about Pre-Med Solutions Prep*:

For students that participate in Pre-Med Solutions Prep, we will not automatically support your application for submission for the upcoming cycle. Support of your application will be decided on a case by case basis. Our focus will be to help you strengthen your application for a future submission.  Mock interviews, personal statement editing, and the eLearning modules are not a part of Pre-Med Solutions Prep, but you can  purchase them separately at your own discretion. 

Who can benefit from Pre-Med Solutions University?

S.H.A.D.O.W. Program